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NeighborHealth Center is a new faith-based  community health center, serving all ages and  welcoming patients with or without insurance.


 4201 Lake Boone Trail,  Suite 005
Lake Boone Medical Center
Raleigh, NC 27622

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Neighbor Health Community Investment

NeighborHealth is a faith-based community health center that will serve one of the poorest populations in Raleigh. It will provide accessible and affordable health care to low-income, uninsured and underinsured individuals whose needs currently go unmet because the business model for traditional health providers does not accommodate serving this group.

NeighborHealth will also be providing crucial support for pregnant women on Medicaid. The existing safety net clinics in Raleigh cease to serve patients once they get Medicaid and none of them provide obstetrics care. Since 40% of babies are born on Medicaid, an investment in NeighborHealth is also an investment in the cause of life. NeighborHealth will be the only low-income clinic in Raleigh that offers obstetrics and accepts Medicaid. For additional information, please visit:


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How We Are Different

Adults & Children

Care for the entire family, from newborns through adolescence to adulthood.

Pregnant Women

Access to prenatal care is crucial in early weeks of pregnancy.

Any Coverage

Welcome uninsured, Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance.


We are called to care for much more than a person's physical needs.


Neighborhood Stats


95,000 people uninsured in Wake County


People not currently being served by a health center


Population that lives below 200% of federal poverty level


Primary care provider ratio (vs 1,414:1 in NC)

As Raleigh grows rapidly, so does the number of men, women  and children in need of primary care. NeighborHealth desires to come alongside existing providers of  healthcare to our most vulnerable neighbors, and help to meet  this growing need. Our west central Raleigh location creates access to healthcare for families currently not served by a safety-net provider.

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