Rwanda Rising

Just two decades ago, Rwanda was written off as another failed state in a forgotten continent. The country was devastated by a genocide and completely dependent on foreign aid.

Then the unexpected happened. The Rwandan leaders – powered by the hope and courage of its people – wrote a different story. One that chose enterprise as the solution to poverty and fused Rwanda's strengths from within with resources from around the world.

The result is breathtaking. Rwanda is now the world’s fastest developing country and Africa’s safest nation.  It has become a rising hospitality center and technology hub -- on the way to becoming the first African Lion economy in the manner of the Asian Tigers.

To understand these developments and to chart the path ahead, ISOKO has been formed as Rwanda’s think tank.  Please join our community for conversation and connections that promote Rwanda’s entrepreneurial economy and fuel our twin objectives:

  1. increase the volume of foreign investment; and
  2. increase the supply of high capacity Rwandan talent.


Israel Integrated Business

More information coming soon.